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A group of laid back guys and girls enjoying Planetside2, fighting in the New Conglomerate on the Briggs (Asia-Pacific) server

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Already a member? Things to do

  • Get on the forums!!!
  • Join the AUNC Steam Community
  • Grab the login details to the Outfit Teamspeak3 server from the Outfit in-game MOTD
  • Invite your mates to [AUNC] - the more the merrier!
  • Get registered on the Australian Planetside forums http://planetside-aus.com/page/index.html
  • Get your custom SIG sorted out - check the "outfit info" forum for the details!
  • Got some AUNC/Planetside2 content you want to share? Let Aussie or Arkhangelsk know, and we'll add a link to the Outfit Member Content list on this page.
  • Get in game and have some fun!

Australian New Conglomerate "rules"

  • We are all about maturity, teamwork and team players - we have fun, but not at the expense of others
  • Zero tolerance for cheaters or hackers - AUNC members ACTIVELY ticket players who are cheating
  • No mandatory ops - if you feel like doing your own thing, feel free. Corollary; if you're in squad/platoon, follow orders and be a team player
  • Don't be afraid to run a squad or platoon; ask one of the established leaders to assist if you would like some hand-holding
  • We're all here to have fun and help out each other - if you are being a tool, expect to be an ex-Outfit member fairly rapidly.

Not a member? Interested in joining up? We are ACTIVELY recruiting

Hit us up on the Planetside 2 recruitment post or the Planetside-Aus recruitment post.
Alternatively, get in game and contact a member of [AUNC], or join one of our open recruitment platoons for membership!